What Makes Us Different?

Core Program Content Is Centered On Wellbeing

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Who We Are

A foundation dedicated to providing uplifting programs and stability in the lives of underserved youth.
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What We Do

Create programs that help our youth prepare for adulthood based on research on optimal wellbeing.
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How It Works

One to One Mentoring, Partner Programs, and Online Programs based on a wellbeing eLearning model.

LID Foundation believes in these youth and the potential for them to achieve their dreams. The availability of comprehensive services offered by LID increases the likelihood these wonderful kids will find success in their lives.

-Ken Dawson, Founder of LEADERS IN DEVELOPMENT (LID)
Ken Dawson was born in Wichita, Kansas. He attended The University of Wyoming on a football scholarship where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Mr. Dawson has achieved an upwardly mobile career in sales and marketing. Mr. Dawson established LID Foundation in 2020, but the inspiration for LID began five years earlier when Ken lost three of the most important women in his life; his mother, his wife, and older sister, all in a short time. Following this difficult period, Ken reflected on the lessons from his childhood. Among these were to treat others the way you want to be treated, to make a difference if you can, and to be kind to others. With the memory of these influential women in mind, he began contemplating how he could make a difference in his own right. When he came across the statics regarding foster care children and the challenges they faced in achieving long-term stability and success, he knew that making a positive impact in this area was his calling. To Mr. Dawson LID is personal. The three aforementioned women and what they meant to his life story inspire his drive to create something special and meaningful. He is a very engaged uncle who loves spending time with his nieces and nephews and attending their activities. Holistic wellbeing is important to Mr. Dawson he, enjoys boxing, yoga, and various aspects of physical fitness. He is passionate about traveling the world to experience, learn, and enjoy various cultures. He sees the essence of all people; thus he is an outstanding leader and motivator and an inspiration to all he encounters. Mr. Dawson will serve the LID Foundation Board as Executive Director, bringing his vision to fruition.
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LID Foundation Board of Directors

Sabrina Alridge-Moore
Vice Chairperson
Sam is from Houston, Texas. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Business...
Aron Adler
Aron Adler is from Walnut Creek, California. He earned his...
Judge John Barajas
Board Member
Judge Barajas is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He earned his...
Byron Edwards
Board Member
Byron Edwards is from Detroit, Michigan. He earned his Bachelors...
C. Lamont Smith
Board Member
C. Lamont Smith is from Omaha, Nebraska. He earned his...
Terry Sanders
Board Member
Terry Sanders grew up in Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Sanders is...
Walter Hudson
Advisory Board Memner
Walter Hudson is a native Louisianan who was reared in...


Our board of directors, partners, and staff takes pride in being servant leaders to youth and others in our community
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